Katzman Chandler

Katzman Chandler is a Full Service Florida Law Firm proudly devoted to all aspects of Community Association representation. Serving hundreds of the finest common interest ownership communities throughout Florida, we are truly “Committed to Community,” & therefore, specifically choose not to represent Developers, Banks, Insurance Companies or other entities whose interests may be adverse to those of our Community Association clientele.

Katzman Chandler’s Transactional Department is designed to meet our Community Association clients’ short term needs and long term goals. Our Transactional Department is comprised of a team of well-experienced Community Association Attorneys that presently serve as general corporate counsel for Hundreds of Community Associations throughout the State of Florida.

While litigation should never be entered into lightly or without diligent investigation into other possible avenues for satisfactory resolution of a contested matter, at times, Associations may find themselves in situations that demand or require their legal defense of a lawsuit filed against them or their need to seek redress in the courts to resolve an issue that the parties are unable to resolve absent litigation.

The Attorneys and Staff in the Collection Department of Katzman Chandler understand that assessments are the financial lifeblood of every Community Association. With that in mind, we have secured and maintained the finest attorneys and staff to assist our clients in collecting delinquent assessments as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If there is a single downside to living under the Florida sun, it is the risk of a significant storm impacting our homes and way of life. However, in times of need, members of the Katzman Chandler family of clients can rest assured that their interests are represented by some of the best attorneys in the industry.

The Construction Defect Department at Katzman Chandler is committed to helping Community Associations understand what constitutes a Construction Defect, and why handling such defects timely and properly is vitally important to the long-term financial viability and infrastructure of their Communities.