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The Attorneys and Staff in the Collection Department of Katzman Chandler understand that assessments are the financial lifeblood of every Community Association. With that in mind, we have secured and maintained the finest attorneys and staff to assist our clients in collecting delinquent assessments as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In addition to having highly qualified and experienced staff dedicated to this practice area, Katzman Chandler offers its clients three (3) options with respect to the collection of delinquent account(s)


This is the typical “pay as you go” option offered by many/most Community Association Law Firms. This option allows the Association to pay the Costs and Legal Fees incurred on Delinquent Account Collection work requested, on a monthly basis, as the work proceeds.


All Costs and Legal Fees incurred by the our Law Firm are deferred throughout the collection process. However, in the event that the Firm is unable to collect the debt or any part thereof, the Association remains liable to reimburse/pay the Firm for the Costs and Legal Fees incurred in pursuit of the debt.

This option ensures that the Association will NEVER pay ANY Costs or ANY Legal Fees incurred in pursuit of a delinquent account, EVEN IF OUR LAW FIRM IS UNABLE TO ULTIMATELY COLLECT ON THE DEBT.

The Partners, Attorneys and Staff at Katzman Chandler have always been innovative and aggressive in the collection of debts owed to its valued clients, and we will continue to be trendsetters in this area.

We want our clients to effortlessly and easily follow the progress of their cases in collection at any given time, and to not only believe, but actually know, that these matters are moving as quickly and as smoothly as possible. With that goal in mind, Board Members and their Community Association Managers are provided 24/7 online access to our interactive website that provides the most recent, as well as a full and detailed history of the status of all collection and foreclosure matters we are handling on their behalf.

As Katzman Chandler’s ultimate goal is to bring a delinquent owner into financial good standing through full payment of all past due amounts owed to the Association, we have also created an online owner portal that may be accessed at any time of the day or night by the delinquent owner. This owner portal makes it simple for your delinquent owner(s) to communicate with us and bring their accounts current.

Through this portal, your Association’s delinquent owners, may request a payoff/estoppel, request a payment plan, obtain payment instructions and/or request to be contacted by our Collection Department Attorneys or Staff. It is our goal to take the worry and frustration associated with the collection of delinquent accounts off of your shoulders. Simply stated, Katzman Chandler is committed to collecting the funds your Community needs, when you need them the most.
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