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While litigation should never be entered into lightly or without diligent investigation into other possible avenues for satisfactory resolution of a contested matter, at times, Associations may find themselves in situations that demand or require their legal defense of a lawsuit filed against them or their need to seek redress in the courts to resolve an issue that the parties are unable to resolve absent litigation.

Litigation Matters are those which are not purely Transactional and include actions such as the following (listed from most frequent to least frequent);

The Attorneys at Katzman Chandler have extensive experience in handling a wide variety of routine (and non-routine) Community Association litigation issues and topics. Our litigators have resolved thousands of litigation matters to the satisfaction of our valued clients. At the outset and prior to our recommendation to enter into litigation, we fully advise our clients as to the benefits and detriments of the recommended course of action. We further advise that we have explored other options to resolve the dispute, or that we believe litigation is the best and most effective method to end the dispute favorably.

We are committed to handling and pursuing matters of litigation on behalf of our clients in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible, given the particular circumstances involved.

In the event that you Community finds itself embroiled in a dispute that may result in litigation, Katzman Chandler is more than pleased to meet with you and discuss possible options for resolving and/or addressing same.

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