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If there is a single downside to living under the Florida sun, it is the risk of a significant storm impacting our homes and way of life. However, in times of need, members of the Katzman Chandler family of clients can rest assured that their interests are represented by some of the best attorneys in the industry.

Katzman Chandler’s Casualty Department understands the inner workings of large insurance conglomerates and their often convoluted and intricate claims networks. 

Our clients need not worry about this process or their complicated insurance policies, as our dedicated teams of attorneys will work with you to ensure that your Community is provided with the maximum available care, attention and financial support needed to put the pieces back together. 

Our attorneys can help you crack a system that routinely denies or underpays claims for many other Communities.

Katzman Chandler invests substantial Firm resources, money and attorney time in order to ensure the best possible outcome against the corporate giants that seek to benefit, while your Community suffers. For this reason, our Law Firm along with our often handle Property Damage/Insurance Claims (Construction Defect and Casualty) on a pure contingency basis – meaning there are no out-of-pocket costs to your Community during the process, and if we are not successful, Costs advanced and Legal Fees incurred will not be collected from your Community. 

Whether your Community’s claim is resolved in 3 weeks or 3 years, we are a committed partner to your Community, and will be there for you whatever way the wind, water, fire, smoke or vandals cause damage to your Community. Your insurance carrier may have written the policy, but we make them write the check!

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