Katzman Chandler’s Transactional Services are designed to meet our Community Association clients’ short term needs and long term goals. Our Transactional Services are provided by a team of well-experienced Community Association Attorneys who presently serve as general corporate counsel for hundreds of Community Associations throughout the State of Florida.

Transactional Services with Katzman Chandler

The team’s decades of combined legal experience provide the Katzman Chandler family of clients with cutting edge solutions to routine issues, as well as novel and/or complex legal matters faced by our Community Association clients and their voluntary Boards of Directors.

Our Transactional Attorneys are often relied upon by the media, as well as public policy makers, to sort out issues relating to the Community Association lifestyle. Each member of the Transactional Team brings a unique skill set and perspective to this diverse practice and understands how best to assist Boards in functioning in an age of ever growing state regulation and changing legal requirements.

Our Transactional Legal Services for Associations involve a combination of several specialty areas including, but not limited to, Real Property Law, Corporate Law, Litigation, Contract Law, and Insurance Law. Whether we are reviewing your contracts, amending your documents, rendering a bank loan opinion or enforcing your Community’s covenants against violators; our ultimate goal remains the same – to deliver information, counsel and answers in an easy to understand format with personalized service and attention to detail that you can rely on time and again.

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Whether you are in need of a contract review, legal opinion, document amendment/rewrite, or simply have a legal question, we are here to help.