In providing Construction Defect Services, Katzman Chandler is committed to helping Community Associations understand what constitutes a Construction Defect, and why handling such defects timely and properly is vitally important to the long-term financial viability and infrastructure of their Communities.

Construction Defect Claims

Katzman Chandler offers extensive experience pursuing, mediating and litigating Construction Defect claims on behalf of all types of common interest ownership communities.

Our Law Firm has not, does not, and will not ever represent Community Association Developers or Insurance Companies. This decision ensures that we are free to pursue these entities, and the companies that insure them, on your Community’s behalf, without fear of conflict for the amounts owed to your Association as a consequence of their improper construction or design of your Community.

Let Us Represent Your Association for Construction Defect Claims

Our winning teams of attorneys, experts, investigators and staff review each case to determine the best course of action – that will result in the most successful outcome for each Association we represent.

With respect to large Construction Defect claims, (where potential damages incurred exceed One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00), our clients have the option of choosing such representation on either an hourly, blended or fully contingent fee basis.

Every Association that has recently undergone a transition from Developer control owes its membership a duty to investigate to determine that the common elements and Association property are defect-free prior to the Statute of Limitations expiring on such claims. Associations that fail to conduct such an investigation often find that they “inherit” the problems left by the Developer and the Association then becomes the party solely financially responsible to repair same at their member’s ultimate cost and expense.

To learn more, download our Construction Defect guidebook.

We are pleased to offer you the following services at NO CHARGE to your Community, as they are part of our investigation and qualification process.

  • Preliminary Visual Inspection and Short Form Report of your Association’s entire physical property by a construction defect engineering expert.
  • Preliminary Legal Analysis of Your Organizational Documents (Declaration, Articles, Bylaws, any and all Amendments), Sample Unit/Home Sale Agreement, Prospectus (Disclosure Statement), Turnover Report, and Engineering Report (if any).
  • Presentation to Your Board of our findings and recommendations as to how those responsible may be legally compelled to pay for your damages and necessary repairs.

  • If a Law Firm was already hired we will perform a “Confidential Peer Review” of the pending litigation and advise your Board at a closed and Confidential Board Meeting as to what is being done right, what was done wrong, and how we would suggest to proceed in the best interest of the Community.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation


Contact us today to schedule a Free consultation, and to coordinate your NO COST / NO FEE / NO OBLIGATION visual property evaluation to determine if your rights to legally pursue the Developer and other culpable/responsible parties, as well as the insurance policies that cover them for these types of acts or omissions is truly time-barred, or if there is still time to act.