Mary Ann Chandler, Esq.

Managing Partner

“Listening and truly getting to know and understand our clients & their unique needs and goals, are among the most important skills we possess as legal counselors.”

Just like each of us, every Community Association client is unique.  Each has its own history, experiences, challenges, successes, failures, issues and aspirations.  Throughout my more than eleven years of experience in representing Community Associations, meeting and working closely with their Boards of Directors, Community Association Managers, and other agents, I have found that the best crafted and most successful strategies and practical solutions to issues, are often based upon a true and meaningful understanding of my clients and their particular circumstances and situations.

While many common interest communities share similar structures and/or plans, it is not the bricks and mortar that make the Community.  Rather, it is the membership – led by a group of volunteer Board Members who give selflessly of their time and efforts for the good of the Community as a whole, who are supported and guided by their thoughtfully selected Community Association Managers, and other agents that assist them in doing so, that truly transform an Association from a neighborhood into a Community that everyone is proud to call “home.”

In short, it is the personal relationships, individual situations, circumstances and issues of a particular Community Association that drive its needs and goals.  For this reason, I have always believed that to best serve my clients’ needs, it is important to get to know them, and understand not only “what” they wish to accomplish, but “why.”   Understanding the specific facts, circumstances and motivations that lead a Board to seek legal counsel is the most important factor in formulating innovative solutions and ultimately, delivering successful results.

At Katzman Chandler, we pride ourselves on crafting “outside of the box” strategies, specifically tailored to the individual needs of your Community.  Our role as legal counsel is to listen to you, understand your Community’s unique issues, concerns and goals, and guide and assist you in resolving those issues in the most practical, effective and cost-efficient manner.  Once we understand your Community’s specific challenges and needs, we strive to provide you with as much relevant information as possible in an effort to fully inform your Board as to its options for addressing a particular matter or achieving a particular goal.  We believe that this level of individualized, personal service greatly assists our Community Association Boards in determining the most desirable course of action and achieving a successful outcome.

It is my pleasure to meet with you, visit your property, learn about your Community, and discuss the many ways in which our Law Firm can provide benefit to your Community Association, its Board of Directors and Membership.  At Katzman Chandler, we want to share your passion for and commitment to your Community, and build an enduring relationship – all while providing legal services that are unparalleled in quality.  I look forward to hearing from you, discussing the innovative strategies and unique offerings tailored specifically for your Community, and ultimately, having the opportunity to welcome you to the Katzman Chandler family of clients.

Practice Areas

All Aspects of Community Association Law, including, but not limited to, General Representation, Governing Document Review and Amendment, Covenant Preservation and Revitalization, Association Merger, Contract Preparation, Review and Enforcement, Legal Opinions, Bank Loan Review and Opinions of Counsel, SBA Loans, Covenant Enforcement, Arbitration and Mediation, Election Disputes, Delinquent Account Collection, Board and Membership Meeting Attendance, and Board Education.


J.D., Nova Southeastern Law School (1997)
B.A., University of Miami (1994)

Bar Admissions

Florida Bar (1998)
Florida United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (2004)

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