These courses are our way of giving back to the communities
that we presently serve as well as those we hope to serve in the future.

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Leigh and Mary Ann

Leigh Katzman and Mary Ann Chandler, the name partners of Katzman Chandler, have worked together for more than fifteen (15) years.  They have focused and dedicated their legal practice to the service, support, education, guidance, advocacy and betterment of Community Associations throughout the state of Florida, their Boards of Directors and Management.

In addition to assisting Community Association Boards and Managers by providing industry-leading solutions to legal issues such as the collection of delinquent accounts, enforcement of violations, pursuit of hurricane and complex insurance claims and pursuit of construction defect claims, Leigh and Mary Ann are committed to sharing their experience and knowledge of Community Association Law with Boards and Managers through free education offerings.  Whether they are working with State legislators to assist in the drafting of provisions of Florida Statutes relating to the governance of Community Associations, or interpreting and effectively communicating the impact of those Statutes on Community Associations, Umbrella Organizations/Coalitions, Boards of Directors and Management, Leigh and Mary Ann strive every day to demonstrate that they, and their Law firm are truly “Committed to Community.”

As State-approved legal instructors, Leigh and Mary Ann utilize the depth of their knowledge and experience to make legal education subject matter current, relevant and entertaining.  By supplementing materials with real-life experiences, it is Leigh’s and Mary Ann’s goal to ensure that course attendees leave our free education courses up to date, well-informed, able to resolve day to day challenges and achieve Association goals on behalf of the membership.

It is Leigh’s and Mary Ann’s hope that you will join them in one (or more) of their virtual course offerings, and that they will have the opportunity to meet with you, answer your questions, and learn more about your Community.  Looking forward to seeing you in the virtual classroom!

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