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As Partners, Attorneys and Paraprofessionals, we at Katzman Chandler strive to provide excellence and expertise in the area of Community Association Law, and our Name Partners have successfully done so for more than three decades. In addition to providing exceptional levels of communication, personalized service, and a true passion for representing our clients’ interests, we endeavor to build meaningful and enduring relationships with each and every Community Association that joins the Katzman Chandler family of clients.

It is important to us that we get to know your Community, its Board of Directors and its management agents, so that we may render thoughtful advice and craft solutions that best fit the individual and unique needs of your Association. At Katzman Chandler, we understand the importance of being large enough to serve your Community’s needs, yet small enough to offer unparalleled personalized attention to every Community Association that we represent.

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Our Law Firm works solely and exclusively on behalf of our community association clients, both in our day-to-day lawyering and in our advocacy work on their behalf in the State Capitol and at the local government level.


Katzman Chandler is pleased to offer alternative choices to our clients as to how they wish to have the collection of their delinquent assessments handled including the option to have our Law Firm advance all costs and legal fees throughout the collection process. Meet with us to learn about our “Collect 4 Free” Delinquent Account Collection Option.

Contingent Representation

We also handle Property Damage Claims against an association’s insurance company and most Construction Defect cases on a full contingency basis; that is, no cost or legal fees of any kind unless there is a recovery to the association.


Our Covenant Enforcement Department is designed to help your community cure violations as quickly and painlessly as possible. Meet with us to learn about our “Fast Track” Violation Process.

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