Katzman Chandler



Aaron Rosenberg’s decades of experience and success in the business and financial arenas evidence both his passion and dedication to developing winning business strategies.  As the founder and president of his own company that sold and serviced office equipment, Aaron honed his business acumen early in his career.   Having built a very successful company, Aaron decided to pursue another passion and put his skills to work in the financial services industry – where he spent more than 18 years as a Regional Vice President working for insurance companies such as AIG, Lincoln Financial and Hartford Financial.   Aaron’s success in the Financial Services Industry includes producing more than $1.5 Billion Dollars in retirement solution investment products – even during the 2008-10 financial market downturn.

In addition to Aaron’s extensive career experience and business success, he studied business administration and marketing at the University of Florida.

Seeking to combine his business and financial industries experience with his business and marketing education, Aaron joined the Law Firm of Katzman Chandler in 2019, as the Director of Business Development.  In this role, Aaron enjoys the ability to work with Community Association Boards and Management Companies – forming business and personal relationships, and utilizing his vast career experience and passion to assist Associations in overcoming their challenges and achieving their financial goals.